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Insight: Qualitative research


“Research undertaken by Zebra is consistently of extraordinarily high calibre; expertly crafted, seamlessly executed and with a quality of deliverable that would put most other (much larger) agencies to shame”. 

Head of Insight, One of the big Telcos


“Thank you for conducting a rigorous piece of qual for us, and getting to some much needed answers. Reading your debrief has me enthused about [the brand's] future”. Marketing Director, Largest real estate network in Australia


“Our internal client – who has a research background and very high standards – said it’s the best piece of research she’s ever seen”. 

Research Manager, Financial Services


“Zebra debriefs are always more than just reporting the facts; highlighting opportunities, threats and additional learnings in a clear, concise and engaging style”.  

Research Manager, Financial Services

Zebra Voice/Connections stories

“Without doubt, the work you’ve produced has created a paradigm change in this organisation”. 

Group Customer Relations, Financial Services

“Zebra brings humanity from the frontline to the support office, boardroom and beyond. Customers’ emotional and sensory responses make each interview utterly compelling”.

Group Strategy,  Financial Services

“I’m always blown away by Zebra’s ability to bring a Voice of Customer experience to life ….Their videos are hands down the single most effective and compelling approach to helping build a cross channel understanding of the complete customer experience I have ever worked with”. 
CX Strategy/Insights, Health Insurance


"Zebra extends the reach and impact of traditional voice of customer programs by capturing the reactions and emotions rarely gathered from surveys, focus groups or even customer complaints. Every employee in the organisation has the opportunity to feel and understand genuine customer anger, fear, sadness, disgust, contempt, surprise and happiness". 

Customer Engagement, Financial Services

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