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Menopause awareness & education for the workplace.

The Changes Program™ is an online peri/menopause awareness
& ed
ucation program designed for the workplace.

“Really engaging and eye-opening training. The interviews really help hammer home that it is truly a real issue faced by females, so I enjoyed the approach you have taken with it.”

“I think this is great and certainly would be helpful particularly for people leaders, so they can understand more about this and how to support colleagues.”

“The session is a great start to get everyone thinking about menopause and how they react to it. It sets the right pitch; The videos are great as they show real people with real feelings.”

“I liked the content and giving this a voice. It needs to be discussed and become less taboo.” 

“It's great that it provides a deep dive into menopause and its symptoms/effects. You struck a good balance between keeping it detailed/informative, but brief enough that it doesn’t get too heavy.”

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